• Startide
    As some of you might know, I moonlight as a musician. For the past two years, I’ve been working on a full-length record entitled Startide. I guess it should come as a surprise to nobody tracking this blog that it’s about, well, space.
  • The Fall of Species -F978
    …direct Ancestral Memory provided many survival advantages for this species (In fact, it was a random neurological mutation they received while still in pre-society). By directly inheriting their parent’s memory, the creatures were able to very quickly excel at anything their parents excelled at. If one parent was a brilliant mathematician, then so too would be their offspring; no need to spend decades in school to reach their parent’s level of skill (if the offspring even COULD reach the parent’s level skill). The skill was inherent, and for this reason, species -f978 was able to advance at an explosive velocity.
  • Simulation Hypothesis as Deism
    If Simulation Theory posits that this universe is an artificial simulation, it therefore supposes that something must have created this simulation. This proposal is synonymous with Deism (and possibly Theism), which propose that an intelligent god created our universe.
  • Monthly Media: August
    It’s rare enough to find early 20th century science fiction which manages to hold up in the present day as anything but a nostalgic time capsule – but it’s rarer still to find a novel that not only holds up, but is also both entertaining and timely.
  • Monthly Media: June
    Every month, I will be sharing some of the media that has been inspiring me and fueling my own creative energy.
  • P.I.S.E.S. – The Story So Far
    It’s 2014: my junior year of college. It’s 3 A.M. on a Saturday night, and tomorrow is the big day. I scan my notes, check my maps, make sure my minis are organized and my dice pools are set. Tomorrow is the final episode of our three-years long science fiction D&D campaign. It is the culmination and climax of hundreds of hours of writing and hundreds more hours of play.
  • Introduction and Full Disclosure
    Hello! My name is Keegan Tawa, and I’m a 27 year old Software Engineer from Philadelphia, US. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from Penn State, I’m an active musician, a practicing martial artist and have a passion for Science Fiction and space exploration.